Pamela R Falzarano

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Cisplatin causes both acute and chronic forms of tinnitus as well as increases in spontaneous neural activity (hyperactivity) in the dorsal cochlear nucleus (DCN) of hamsters. It has been hypothesized that the induction of hyperactivity in the DCN may be a consequence of cisplatin's effects on cochlear outer hair cells (OHCs); however, systematic studies(More)
The postnatal development of stereocilia was studied in the Syrian golden hamster. The purpose was to describe the morphological changes underlying the differentiation of stereocilia bundles and to define the time course of their growth in different regions of the cochlea. Differentiation of the hair bundle occurred by progressive changes in stereocilia(More)
The majority of single unit studies in the auditory system have been carried out using stimuli whose temporal and spectral contexts are held constant. Relatively little attention has been given to the influence of context on unit response properties. Indeed, auditory nerve fiber responses are known to be context-dependent due to the property of forward(More)
OBJECTIVE Improve African American patient satisfaction and perceptions of physician cultural competency through the implementation of Ask Me 3 pamphlet which encourages patients to ask questions of physicians. METHODS Intervention participants received the pamphlet prior to their visit with the physician. Analysis evaluated differences in patient(More)
OBJECTIVE Health researchers have proposed that provider cultural competency may contribute to health disparities. Yet, this belief continues to lack empirical support, and this is due in part to measurement issues that have plagued the cultural competency construct. In the present research, we report on the development of a theoretically grounded,(More)
A morphometric analysis of the developing organ of Corti and its component hair cells was carried out in an age-graded series of Syrian golden hamsters with the aid of scanning electron microscopy. The purpose was to establish a quantitative framework that would provide insight into the rules and principles by which the mammalian cochlea attains its adult(More)
The purpose of the study was to determine the association between African American patients' perceptions of physician cultural competency and patient satisfaction with the visit, independent of other factors, including physician and patient race concordance. African American participants were surveyed at urban clinics. Cultural competency (Perceived(More)
Hamsters were exposed to an intense tone (10 kHz) at levels and durations sufficient to cause hair cell loss and radial nerve bundle degeneration. A previous study reported changes in the tonotopic map of the dorsal cochlear nucleus (DCN) in hamsters with tone-induced stereocilia loss. Such changes appear similar to those observed by others in the auditory(More)
This study examines the development of the reticular lamina in the Syrian golden hamster postriatally from birth to adulthood at 2 day intervals using the scanning electron microscope. During this period, numerous transitory features emerged whose roles were concerned primarily with the development of the tectorial membrane (TM). The principal findings were(More)
The various stages of tectorial membrane development were observed postnatally, using the scanning electron microscope. Hamster cochleas were obtained at 2-day intervals beginning with the day of birth and ending at 22 days after birth. Changes in the tectorial membrane structure were quantified by studying the transformation from a pattern of widely spaced(More)