Pamela R. Clavier

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Business Intelligence (BI) is highly promoted and praised, yet not all expectations are realised. Instead, numerous reports of failed BI implementations and challenges prevail. This paper examines BI challenges in the context of Goods-Dominant (G-D) and Service-Dominant (SD) Logic. Literature sources and a qualitative case study are used to identify BI’s(More)
Academic and practitioner literature reports on numerous Business Intelligence (BI) challenges. Spohrer states that knowledge discovery and knowledge application are two sides of the same coin where both sides are needed for value to emerge. Aligned with this, we identify that the failed emergence of BI value – typified by the prevalence of BI challenges –(More)
In response to calls for new and underexploited perspectives on project management, this paper proposes a conceptual framework to extend emergent project management thinking to a service ecosystems approach grounded in service-dominant (S-D) logic. Project management – including project, program and portfolio management – is examined, as an(More)
Business Intelligence (BI) project failure rates are high and expected benefits are not always achieved when implementing a BI solution in an organization. Failure is characterized by recurring challenges that remain largely unresolved. Could a better understanding of BI and its challenges emerge by taking a step back to examine how BI is understood? To(More)
The efficacy of three long-acting, orally administered nitrate derivatives was assessed in 10 patients with chronic heart failure. The compounds were: isosorbide dinitrate (ID) 5 mg, nitroglycerin microcapsules (NGMC) 7.5 mg and pentaerythritol tetranitrate (PETN) 160 mg. Pulmonary blood pressures were measured at regular intervals until the 6th hour(More)
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