Pamela P Cook

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Nursing is multidimensional, interactive, interdisciplinary, and complex. Almost anything that can be said about nursing can be said another way. Some things worth being said and heard will not follow the norms of journal presentation. A forum accommodates the emerging voice, the new format, the innovative approach. Nursing Forum, in an effort to honor the(More)
With the increasing minority population in the United States, much attention has been given to the lack of diversity among health care professionals, specifically nursing. Since the 1960s, the federal government has provided financial resources to institutions of higher education whose purpose was to diversify the health care profession. Historically, these(More)
Recent changes in Royal College training requirements have highlighted the need for residency programs to be able to offer challenging and worthwhile experiences to their trainees in caring for the chronically mentally ill. This training should bring them into contact with patients at each stage of their illness and recovery and expose them to the different(More)
The school nurse plays a vital role in providing care and meeting the health needs of students in the school setting. Students attend school with chronic conditions and complex medical problems such as quadriplegia, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, and muscular dystrophy. It is the responsibility of the school nurse to provide appropriate assessment, early(More)
The paper focuses on a significant nursing initiative for staff development undertaken in South Australia. The initiative arose out of Health Commission funded consultancy which sought to develop a staff development model for registered nurses. The outcome of this consultancy was the development of a multi-generational staff development model, known as the(More)
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