Pamela P. Bailey

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We identified eight novel polymorphic microsatellite loci in Erigeron lemmonii and nine novel polymorphic microsatellite loci in Erigeron arisolius. Of these, three loci developed for E. arisolius cross-amplified E. lemmonii DNA and four loci developed for E. lemmonii cross-amplified E. arisolius DNA. This set of 17 loci will be used to analyze patterns of(More)
PURPOSE: This technical note is a product of the Department of Defense Legacy Resource Management Program work unit titled " Effects of invasives on the distribution of keystone desert plants on military lands. " The objective of the work unit is to provide a better understanding of the impacts of invasive species on key components of ecosystems and(More)
Analysis of levels and patterns of genetic variation in a rare species is important for determining whether genetic factors associated with small population size, such as genetic drift or inbreeding, may be negatively affecting a species. In this study, we compared estimates of genetic diversity and patterns of population genetic structure in a rare cliff(More)
BACKGROUND When evaluating a common complaint such as cough, clinicians should rely on a patient's history and physical to guide them, but also not diverge from guidelines in screening and testing lest certain diagnoses be overlooked. CASE PRESENTATION A 44 year old Hispanic male presented to a pulmonologist's office after failing multiple courses of(More)
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