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Recent reports showed that, in mice, symptomatic Plasmodium infection triggers NLRP3/NLRP12-dependent inflammasome formation and caspase-1 activation in monocytes. In humans, few works demonstrated that inflammasome is activated in malaria. As Plasmodiumvivax is a potent inducer of inflammatory response we hypothesised that inflammasome genetics might(More)
PROBLEM Augmented levels of IL-1ß have been pointed out as an important pathogenic factor for preeclampsia development. Inflammasome is the cytoplasmic complex responsible for pro-IL1ß cleavage and IL-1ß secretion. Aim of the study was to evaluate the association between polymorphisms in inflammasome' genes and preeclampsia. METHOD OF STUDY Selected(More)
PROBLEM Only a small proportion of HPV+ women develop virus-associated lesions and cervical cancer, suggesting that other factors are involved in HPV+ keratinocyte transformation. Immune response plays an important role in clearing HPV infection, and host genetic variants resulting in defective immune response have been associated with virus persistence(More)
Effective monitoring requires clear questions and a well-designed sampling regime. However, objectives often evolve over time which can render the initial sampling design ineffective. Using a vegetation monitoring program employed in Newnes Plateau Shrub Swamps, Australia, as a case study, we examine a sampling design based on small numbers of 400 m2 plots(More)
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