Pamela Mettler

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BACKGROUND Exercise confers short-term benefits for individuals with Parkinson disease (PD). OBJECTIVE The purpose of the study was to compare short- and long-term responses among 2 supervised exercise programs and a home-based control exercise program. DESIGN The 16-month randomized controlled exercise intervention investigated 3 exercise approaches:(More)
BACKGROUND This study evaluates the prevalence of cardiovascular events in autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD) patients. METHODS We distributed surveys to 1,439 subjects from our ADPKD research database. In total, 426 subjects completed and returned surveys; 7 of these were from children and were excluded from the study. RESULTS The(More)
GOALS To assess awareness of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) as a disease entity among individuals with and without metabolic risk factors in an outpatient clinical setting, and to evaluate interest in patient-centered education on NAFLD. BACKGROUND NAFLD is the most common chronic liver disease in the United States with up to 30% of the adult(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVES To determine polysomnographic parameter differences in children living at higher altitude to children living near sea level. DESIGN AND SETTING Prospective study of non-snoring, normal children recruited from various communities around Denver, CO. In-lab, overnight polysomnograms were performed at a tertiary care children's hospital. All(More)
Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is a leading cause of chronic liver disease. Primary care providers (PCPs), in contrast to gastroenterology/hepatology (GI/Hep) providers, are the first medical contact for the majority of patients with, or at risk for, NAFLD. PCP awareness of and facility with NAFLD is critical for management of these patients. The(More)
Twenty patients managed with Adaptic, Concise-capsule, Epoxydent, and a dispersion alloy (all class II cavities) were re-examined after three years. Between 20% to 45% of the composite fillings had been replaced in this time period, but only 5% of the amalgam fillings had been renewed. Marginal defects were diagnosed with the probe in 53% to 89% of the(More)
This article traces the development of tenure from its origins to modern times. External and internal pressures and constraints which have led to a debate on the nature and need for the existence of tenure are described. The traditional and alternative tenure models are set forth. The impact of the tenure process upon the allied health professions is(More)
BACKGROUND Varicella-zoster virus infection is associated with significant morbidity and mortality in immune-compromised children, despite treatment with antiviral agents. Universal varicella vaccine programs have significantly decreased this risk in many highincome countries, but in most low-income and middleincome countries, the burden of varicella in(More)
In 41 patients class 11 cavities each of the lower jaw were filled with the materials Adaptic, Concise cap, Epoxydent or amalgam. The models made from impressions were systemically measured by a coordinate measuring machine according to a procedure determined by us (measuring error of this method about 15 micron). After one year the following abrasions were(More)
Four materials: amalgam, Epoxydent, Adaptic and concise Cap were filled after certain criteria into class II mandibular cavities and examined after one year. The very accurate models were submitted to measuring with a three-dimensional measuring device. The results were the following: amalgam 18 +/- 58 micron Epoxydent 38 +/- 50 micron Adaptic 92 +/- 97(More)