Pamela Matthews

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OBJECTIVE To assess the safety and efficacy of the SOUNDTEC Direct System, a partially implantable electromagnetic middle ear hearing device. STUDY DESIGN Food and Drug Administration Phase II clinical trial of 103 patients at 10 sites across the United States. SETTING Tertiary referral medical centers. PATIENTS Individuals with bilateral moderate to(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the safety and efficacy of a new semi-implantable electromagnetic hearing device, the SOUNDTEC Direct Drive Hearing System (DDHS), and to compare its performance with that of subjects' previously worn, optimally fit hearing aids. Preliminary results for the first 10 subjects are presented. STUDY DESIGN The protocol specified in the(More)
An increasing number of women fail to achieve pregnancy due to either failed fertilization or embryo arrest during preimplantation development. This often results from decreased oocyte quality. Indeed, reduced mitochondrial DNA copy number (mitochondrial DNA deficiency) may disrupt oocyte quality in some women. To overcome mitochondrial DNA deficiency,(More)
Despite the many improvements in hearing aid technology, conventional hearing aids continue to have significant limitations, which has led to increased interest in implantable hearing devices. The SOUNDTEC Direct Drive Hearing System for moderate to moderately severe sensorineural hearing loss is one such device. In this article the authors present results(More)
Erudition of clinical "skills" used by manually trained physical therapists involves the complex domain of cognitive, affective, and psychomotor concepts. The purpose of the study was to obtain consensus among manual therapy educators regarding stand-alone skills required during competent application of manual therapy and to distill these stand-alone skills(More)
We compared the results from the North American patient database on the Xomed Audiant Bone Conductor to those reported on the NobleBiocare (previously Noblepharma) HC200 bone-anchored hearing aid (BAHA) implant, using the literature and specific results provided by one of the authors. It has been proposed that the percutaneous coupling of the NobleBiocare(More)
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