Pamela M. Howard

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An inborn error of metabolism, homocystinuria due to cystathionine beta-synthase deficiency, results in markedly elevated levels of circulating homocysteine. Premature vascular events are the main life-threatening complication. Half of all untreated patients have a vascular event by 30 years of age. We performed a multicenter observational study to assess(More)
The pathological sequelae of untreated homocystinuria due to cystathionine β-synthase deficiency include ectopia lentis, osteoporosis, thromboembolic events and mental retardation. They occur at a significantly higher rate with poorer mental capabilities (mean IQ = 57) in the untreated pyridoxine-nonresponsive individuals. The mental capabilities of 23(More)
Popular opinion holds that youngsters in corrections programs are delinquents in need of reform, whereas youngsters in psychiatric settings have mental health problems and need therapy. Yet some literature suggests that youth in the two settings may not differ greatly in their mental health status. The authors compared demographic, emotional, and behavioral(More)
In a study of 106 predominantly young, lower-social-class men participating in a methadone maintenance program, the authors found that about one-third were moderately to severely depressed as assessed on standard rating scales of depression. The depressive symptoms were associated with a decrease in social functioning, increase in stress in the past 6(More)
PURPOSE To establish whether myopia in homocystinuria could be due to increased ocular axial length. METHODS Measurement of ocular axial length by A-scan ultrasound in eyes of homocystinuria patients. RESULTS Patients were divided into three groups. Group I, with no ocular pathology (28 eyes), had mean refractive error of -0.25 D (spherical equivalent)(More)