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A family of proteins bearing novel N-acetylglucosamine residues has previously been found to be required to form functional nuclear pores. To begin to determine which of the proteins in this family are essential for pore function, antisera were raised to each of three members of the family, p62, p58, and p54. With these antisera, it was possible to deplete(More)
Epithelial tubes are the functional units of many organs, and proper tube geometry is crucial for organ function. Here, we characterize serrano (sano), a novel cytoplasmic protein that is apically enriched in several tube-forming epithelia in Drosophila, including the tracheal system. Loss of sano results in elongated tracheae, whereas Sano overexpression(More)
During development, directed cell migration is crucial for achieving proper shape and function of organs. One well-studied example is the embryonic development of the larval tracheal system of Drosophila, in which at least four signaling pathways coordinate cell migration to form an elaborate branched network essential for oxygen delivery throughout the(More)
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