Pamela K Dickerson

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Chemotherapy-induced delayed emesis (DE) affects approximately 50-70% of patients receiving moderately and highly emetogenic chemotherapy. DE most commonly occurs within the first 24-48 hours of chemotherapy administration and can persist for 2-5 days. Olanzapine, which has been used anecdotally for chronic nausea in advanced cancer patients, might be a(More)
OBJECTIVE The problem of boredom in people with cancer has received little research attention, and yet clinical experience suggests that it has the potential to profoundly affect quality of life in those patients. We were interested in developing a Purposelessness, Understimulation, and Boredom (PUB) Scale to identify this problem and to begin to(More)
A pilot study was conducted to examine experienced pain physicians' perceptions of aberrant drug taking behaviors. One hundred pain physicians attending a meeting on pain management were asked to rank order (from most aberrant = 1 to least aberrant = 13) a list of aberrant drug-taking behaviors. The sample was comprised mainly of anesthesiologists (50%) and(More)
Contrast occurs as an important theme across a range of post-structural, conversation and discourse analytic and 'traditional' social psychological work. Some approaches link contrasts to identity issues--thus self-categorization theory argues that identity arises in part through self assignment to particular categories--which is done on the basis of one's(More)
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