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BACKGROUND Child restraint safety seats (CRS) are used to prevent injuries or deaths among child passengers involved in a motor vehicle crash. When used outside of a motor vehicle, CRS use could potentially place an infant at risk of injury. The objective of the current study was to describe the proportion of CRS misuse injuries among infants <12 months old(More)
for their prompt responses to requests for information and Ashley Waters for assistance. Forward The world of work is changing, but the traditional structures governing the labor marketin place since the New Dealno longer serve the needs of workers and their families or of corporations seeking to compete in a global economy. The mandate of the Task Force(More)
Personalized medicine-tailoring interventions based on individual's genetic information-will likely change routine clinical practice in the future. Yet, how practitioners plan to apply genetic information to inform medical decision making remains unclear. We aimed to investigate physician's perception about the future role of personalized medicine, and to(More)
While injuries are a leading health concern for Aboriginal populations, injury rates and types vary substantially across bands. The uniqueness of Aboriginal communities highlights the importance of collecting community-level injury surveillance data to assist with identifying local injury patterns, setting priorities for action and evaluating programs.(More)
BACKGROUND Pharmacists' scope of practice has been steadily expanding across Canada to encompass clinical activities. In January 2009, pharmacists in British Columbia (BC) were given the authority to adapt prescriptions for renewals; change in dose, formulation or regimen; and therapeutic substitutions. This study evaluated the labour costs associated with(More)
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