Pamela J. Walsh

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BACKGROUND There has been concern for iatrogenic injury to the peroneal nerve with posterolateral femoral tunnel placement in double-bundle anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. HYPOTHESIS The common peroneal nerve and biceps tendon are at increased risk for injury by the guide wire as the knee is brought into increased extension. STUDY DESIGN(More)
Nuclear diagnostics for the National Ignition Facility „invited... Thomas J. Murphy, Cris W. Barnes, R. R. Berggren, P. Bradley, S. E. Caldwell, R. E. Chrien, J. R. Faulkner, P. L. Gobby, N. Hoffman, J. L. Jimerson, K. A. Klare, C. L. Lee, J. M. Mack, G. L. Morgan, J. A. Oertel, F. J. Swenson, P. J. Walsh, R. B. Walton, R. G. Watt, M. D. Wilke, D. C.(More)
Porous silica is an attractive biomaterial in many applications, including drug-delivery systems, bone-graft fillers and medical devices. The issue with porous silica biomaterials is the rate at which they resorb and the significant role played by interfacial chemistry on the host response in vivo. This paper explores the potential of diatom-biosilica as a(More)
This study investigated the acute effects of un-ionized ammonia (NH3-N) on<lb>11 g fingerlings of Nile tilapia Oreochromis niloticus at two temperatures<lb>(23 and 33C); and at 28C with two sizes of fish, 3 and 45 g. In addition,<lb>sublethal effects of un-ionized ammonia on growth of Nile tilapia at 28C<lb>were evaluated. All tests were conducted in(More)
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