Pamela J. Hansen

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We compared diurnal patterns of vaginal temperature in lactating cows under grazing conditions to evaluate genotype effects on body temperature regulation. Genotypes evaluated were Holstein, Jersey, Jersey x Holstein and Swedish Red x Holstein. The comparison of Holstein and Jersey versus Jersey x Holstein provided a test of whether heterosis effects body(More)
Objectives were to develop and characterize an experimental platform to evaluate lactation and pregnancy effects for subsequent transcriptome analyses in dairy cattle. Pregnant heifers (n=34) were assigned randomly after calving to a lactating group (L, n=17) and a non-lactating group (NL, n=17). The L was fed a TMR (1.65Mcal NEL/kg, 16.5% CP). The NL was(More)
Heat stress is a big problem for the lactating cow. Cows exposed to heat stress experience a 15-25% reduction in milk yield, reduced expression of symptoms of heat and lower fertility after insemination. In one study in Florida, only ~20% of heats were detected in summer Much of the world has to deal with heat stress. There are three billion people who live(More)
A 20-year-old female collegiate volleyball athlete (body mass, 74.8 kg; height, 177.8 cm), with no previous history of abdominal injury, dove for a ball during a match and was struck in the anterolateral abdominal region by a teammate's knee. She experienced a solar plexus spasm, shortness of breath, and nausea. On-site evaluation revealed sharp pain in the(More)
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