Pamela Heggie

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Cerebro-ocular dysplasia-muscular dystrophy (COD-MD) syndrome is a rare disorder encompassing a triad of brain, eye, and muscle abnormalities. The principal central nervous system features are cerebral and cerebellar agyria-micropolygyria, cortical disorganization, glial-mesodermal proliferation within the leptomeninges, neuronal heterotopias, hypoplasia of(More)
Mouse fibroblasts (3T3-L1 cells) accumulate detergent- and salt-insoluble aggregates of proteins conjugated to ubiquitin when incubated in the presence of inhibitors of lysosomal cysteine cathepsins, including E-64. These ubiquitin-protein conjugates co-fractionate with lysosomes on density gradients and are found in multivesicular dense bodies which by(More)
A restriction fragment of the coding region of a human ubiquitin gene has been used in Northern analyses of RNA prepared from human motor cortex and anterior horn region of cervical spinal cord. The analyses show that there is a substantial increase (approximately two-fold) in the expression of a polyubiquitin gene in motor cortex and spinal cord from(More)
BACKGROUND Management of adults with congenital heart disease (ACHD) requires quaternary centres with cardiologists and cardiac surgeons who have expertise in the diagnosis and management of this patient population. We report on the feasibility of the management of ACHD patients using videoconferencing and streaming through 1 regional referral centre(More)
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