Pamela H.P. Gan

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Members from Colletotrichum genus adopt a diverse range of lifestyles during infection of plants and represent a group of agriculturally devastating pathogens. In this study, we present the draft genome of Colletotrichum incanum from the spaethianum clade of Colletotrichum and the comparative analyses with five other Colletotrichum species from distinct(More)
Colletotrichum fungi belonging to the Colletotrichum gloeosporioides species complex include a number of economically important postharvest pathogens that often cause anthracnose. Until now, different species within this group could only be distinguished from one another reliably using multigenic phylogenetic analyses. Using a comparative genomics approach,(More)
Colletotrichum chlorophyti is a fungal pathogen that infects various herbaceous plants, including crops such as legumes, tomato, and soybean. Here, we present the genome of C. chlorophyti NTL11, isolated from tomato. Analysis of this genome will allow a clearer understanding of the molecular mechanisms underlying fungal host range and pathogenicity.
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