Pamela Francis

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As a token of my deep appreciation for their professionalism and dedication to the ideals of our magazine, I hereby acknowledge with the list below the many reviewers that have reviewed tirelessly papers for IEEE Network during the past year. Their behind the scenes work provides the strong foundation upon which the quality papers that you read in our(More)
Pip, a new Internet Protocol (IP) that is a candidate to replace IP Version 4, is discussed. Pip solves the dual problems of scaling and address depletion that currently plague IP and provides new features such as provider selection. Pip also has a means of evolving to new features, such as real-time flow handling. Pip's architecture, host input processing,(More)
This poster/demonstration session showcases C-Print, a typing-based transcription system. This form of real-time captioning will be provided for approximately one half day during the ASSETS 2014 Conference and will be part of a real-time caption challenge. The C-Print system requires a trained transcriptionist who uses computerized abbreviations and(More)
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