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Patients born with craniofacial syndromes such as Crouzon's syndrome will often develop hydrocephalus after their initial craniofacial reconstructive procedures. We have treated 10 patients with Crouzon's syndrome; 5 patients required a shunting procedure after cranial remodeling. Each of these 5 shunted patients later demonstrated chronic tonsillar(More)
As a token of my deep appreciation for their professionalism and dedication to the ideals of our magazine, I hereby acknowledge with the list below the many reviewers that have reviewed tirelessly papers for IEEE Network during the past year. Their behind the scenes work provides the strong foundation upon which the quality papers that you read in our(More)
Pip, a new Internet Protocol (IP) that is a candidate to replace IP Version 4, is discussed. Pip solves the dual problems of scaling and address depletion that currently plague IP and provides new features such as provider selection. Pip also has a means of evolving to new features, such as real-time flow handling. Pip's architecture, host input processing,(More)
This poster/demonstration session showcases C-Print, a typing-based transcription system. This form of real-time captioning will be provided for approximately one half day during the ASSETS 2014 Conference and will be part of a real-time caption challenge. The C-Print system requires a trained transcriptionist who uses computerized abbreviations and(More)
Now a-days on soc applications the major problem is with the on chip memory to be faster and we require without any error correction and disrupt the altering digital circuit are becoming the major concern for memory application. This paper presents an error-detection method for difference-set cyclic codes with majority logic decoding. To correct a large no(More)
This paper presents the long data compression and the Cmos transistor count increased new fault technologies theses data compression the large data compression and storing the data are described, for provides high encoding efficiency and scalability with respect to the number of test channels support test channel the support algorithm is Viterbi-based test(More)
In this paper we are proposing the long bus wire connection and cross correlation principals that provide the Propagation delay across long on-chip buses is significant manner when adjacent wires are transitioning in opposite direction (i.e., crosstalk transitions) as compared to transitioning in the same direction. By exploiting Fibonacci number system, we(More)
Rapid demand on system-on-chip(SoCs) and communication increases with the help of very-large-scale integration (VLSI) circuits, even though prime factor is to reduce the Power consumption and the thermal wall have become the major factors limiting the speed of while interconnect is becoming a primary power consumer. High bandwidth is desired to enhance(More)
Network intrusion detection system is used to inspect packet contents against thousands of predefined malicious or suspicious patterns. Because traditional software alone pattern matching approaches can no longer meet the high throughput of today's networking, many hardware approaches are proposed to accelerate pattern matching. Among hardware approaches,(More)
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