Pamela Fletcher

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There is a pressing need to integrate biophysical and human dimensions science to better inform holistic ecosystem management supporting the transition from single species or single-sector management to multi-sector ecosystem-based management. Ecosystem-based management should focus upon ecosystem services, since they reflect societal goals, values,(More)
The paper reviews recent work in the area of linguistics applied to abnormal language development, specifically in the area of grammar. Particular attention is paid to the notion of linguistic profiling as a procedure for assessment and remediation, using information from normal language development research as a guide. It is suggested that in addition to(More)
Over the course of the twentieth century, Victorian narrative painting became synonymous with sentimentality, melodrama, and the artificial evocation of emotion. This essay aims to complicate this familiar assessment by examining the role of emotional effect played in aesthetic evaluations of some of the most popular modern life genre paintings of the 1850s(More)
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