Pamela Fekete

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A new exact algorithm for general orthogonal d-dimensional knapsack problems Abstract The d-dimensional orthogonal knapsack problem (OKP) has a wide range of practical applications, including packing, cutting, and scheduling. We present a new approach to this problem, using a graph-theoretical characterization of feasible packings. This characterization(More)
A rapid method is described for serial determination of alkaline phosphatase enzyme activity in the rat kidney and the developing avian vertebra by using an improved paraffin embedding process and a slide staining rack. Tissue samples fixed 12 to 24 h in 80% ethanol at 0 to 4 degrees C are dehydrated in absolute acetone at 0 to 4 degrees C, and then(More)
This paper considers a 3-dimensional visibility representation of cliques K n. In this representation, the objects representing the vertices are 2-dimensional and lie parallel to the x; y-plane, and two vertices of the graph are adjacent if and only if their corresponding objects see each other by a line of sight parallel to the z-axis that intersects the(More)
The physical chemical properties, stability and incompatibility of captopril (the active ingredient of Tensiomin tablets) have been discussed. Captopril has two polimorphic crystal modifications, the form I. of higher melting point is applied in the therapy. Captopril has a better stability in solutions below pH 4, the degradation is accelerated by metallic(More)