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  • P Fekete
  • 1993
The physical chemical properties, stability and incompatibility of tofizopam (the active ingredient of Grandaxin tablet) were investigated. Tofizopam has low water solubility therefore experiments were made to increase it. The behaviour of tofizopam in acidic medium was studied and the degradation rates of it were determined at different pH. The composition(More)
  • J Urgen, Teich Ss, P Fekete, Jj Org Schepers, J Urgen Teich, Ss Andor
  • 1999
With the advent of recent generations of Field Pro-grammable Gate Arrays, it has become possible to use computing resources more eeciently by dynamically reconnguring hardware (during run-time). This is achieved by reassigning computation modules or tasks to unused cells. For a given problem consisting of a set of tasks, possibly with partial order(More)
This paper considers a 3-dimensional visibility representation of cliques K n. In this representation, the objects representing the vertices are 2-dimensional and lie parallel to the x; y-plane, and two vertices of the graph are adjacent if and only if their corresponding objects see each other by a line of sight parallel to the z-axis that intersects the(More)
The bin packing problem is one of the classical NP-hard optimization problems. Even though there are many excellent theoretical results, including polynomial approximation schemes, there is still a lack of methods that are able to solve practical instances optimally. In this paper, we present a fast and simple generic approach for obtaining new lower(More)