Pamela E Warner

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Current hormone replacement therapy may not optimize cardiovascular health in women with premature ovarian failure. We compared the effects of physiological and standard sex steroid replacement regimens on cardiovascular health in these women. In an open-label, randomized, controlled crossover trial, 34 women with premature ovarian failure were randomly(More)
OBJECTIVES In India, female sex workers (FSWs), suffer from high HIV prevalence and abortions. Contraceptive use among general population women is well understood. However, FSWs contraceptives practices and reproductive health needs are under-researched. We investigated contraceptive practices among HIV-positive and negative FSWs in Goa, India and explored(More)
Excessive drinking among young women continues to attract adverse media attention and is the target of UK government-led initiatives. Reliable research on alcohol consumption is needed to inform/evaluate public health interventions. This pilot study, investigating descriptors of alcohol drinking in female Scottish undergraduate students, comprised: (i)(More)
BACKGROUND Plans are underway to introduce Chlamydia screening in UK primary care. The success of a screening programme depends upon many factors including its acceptability to the population being screened. The experiences of women who have taken part in a pilot study of screening are therefore important in ensuring that services are developed in such a(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of this exploratory study was to establish whether we could improve skeletal health with a physiological regimen of SSR in young women with premature ovarian failure (POF). PATIENTS AND METHODS In an open-label randomized controlled crossover trial, 34 women with POF were randomized to 4-week cycles of pSSR (transdermal oestradiol, 100(More)
OBJECTIVE Menorrhagia is defined as blood loss of >80 mL, but in routine clinical practice measurement is seldom undertaken. Our aim was to identify the features of the clinical history that best predict menorrhagic blood loss. STUDY DESIGN A questionnaire survey of 952 menstrual complaint referrals at 3 hospital gynecology clinics in Glasgow and(More)
BACKGROUND The levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine system (LNG-IUS) is a highly effective contraceptive. However, during early months of use unscheduled vaginal bleeding is common, sometimes leading to discontinuation. This study aimed to determine whether intermittent administration of progesterone receptor modulator CDB-2914 would suppress unscheduled(More)
OBJECTIVE Menorrhagia is defined in terms of statistical"abnormality"as blood loss of >80 mL. We examined the usefulness of this definition in women who were referred to gynecology clinics with heavy periods. STUDY DESIGN A questionnaire survey of 952 menstrual complaint referrals at 3 hospital gynaecology clinics in Glasgow and Edinburgh included 226(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare factors influencing adequacy of endometrial samples obtained using two outpatient sampling devices--Pipelle and Tao Brush. DESIGN Pragmatic unblinded trial with investigation schedule randomised separately within two groups according to endometrial cancer risk. SETTING Gynaecology outpatient clinic of a large city hospital in(More)
BACKGROUND The diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy in women presenting in early pregnancy is often protracted, relying on costly investigations that are psychologically burdensome to the patient. The aim of this study was to evaluate the financial costs to the health services in Scotland of the current methods used to diagnose and exclude ectopic pregnancy, and(More)