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Hearing results and causes of failure with three types of ossicular reconstruction techniques over an intact stapes, during second-stage intact canal wall tympanoplasty, are reported herein. The three types of reconstruction are: fitted autologous incus (38 cases); Plastipore PORP with cartilage (41 cases); Plastipore PORP without cartilage (32 cases). A(More)
The authors report their experience about the use of P.R.L. PLATELET RICH LIPOTRANSFERT method (platelet rich plasma mixed fat grafting) in 223 patients affected by soft tissue defects (ulcers, Romberg syndrome, Hemifacial atrophy, loss of substance, and signs of aging). This paper introduces the reader to PRP therapy and reviews the current literature on(More)
The results of treatment of 124 cases of childhood cholesteatoma are reported in the present study and compared with an adult group of patients. Intact canal wall tympanoplasty was performed in over 90 per cent of cases in children and the procedure was staged in nearly 80 per cent of cases. The children had a 43.8 per cent incidence of residual(More)
A series of thirty-five patients operated on for brain herniation into the middle ear and mastoid is presented. The etiologic factor was felt to be previous surgery in twenty-six cases, head trauma in four cases, chronic otomastoiditis in four cases, congenital dehiscence of the tegmen in one case, and subdural empyema in one case. Diagnosis and treatment(More)
Recurrent cholesteatoma in a series of 534 staged intact canal wall tympanoplasties performed over a 10-year period has been reviewed for the present study. Overall detected incidence of recurrent cholesteatoma is 5.2% (28 of 534 operated ears). A steady decrease of recurrent cholesteatoma was found, however, in the second period of our surgical experience(More)
The presence of a labyrinthine fistula has remained one of the major problems in cholesteatoma surgery. Confronted with this problem, the surgeon may ultimately base his choice of procedure on four basic conditions: the size of the fistula, its location in the ear, the condition of the other ear, and the cochlear function. Our attitude has been changing,(More)
BACKGROUND Cosmetic surgery and medicine are extremely interesting fields for a plastic surgeon. Lasers and lights determine ablation, contraction and regenerating stimulus in skin tissues. The aim of this study is to examine the use of infrared lights in treating facial and body skin laxity. METHODS Between 2007 and 2011, in the Department of Plastic and(More)
OBJECTIVES To present our experience in the surgical treatment of cholesteatoma in children. STUDY DESIGN Retrospective clinical trial. PATIENTS AND METHOD Charts of 114 patients who met the inclusion criteria of the study were examined. Surgical results were compared with respect to applied surgical methods. Cholesteatoma recidivism (CR) and hearing(More)
Between 1974 and 1983 the molded tympanic heterograft has been employed in over 1500 cases of tympanic membrane reconstruction at the Second ENT Clinic of the University of Parma, Italy. The results obtained in 1042 patients operated on from July 1974 to December 1981 are reported herein. The tympanic heterograft offered our patients a 90% chance of cure(More)