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1. Influx of calcium via voltage-dependent calcium channels during the action potential leads to increases in cytosolic calcium that can initiate a number of physiological processes. One of these is the activation of potassium currents on the plasmalemma. These calcium-activated potassium currents contribute to action potential repolarization and are(More)
UNLABELLED Use of chronic opioid therapy for chronic noncancer pain has increased substantially. The American Pain Society and the American Academy of Pain Medicine commissioned a systematic review of the evidence on chronic opioid therapy for chronic noncancer pain and convened a multidisciplinary expert panel to review the evidence and formulate(More)
Team software engineering projects can enhance student learning and commitment, but it is challenging to determine a method of assessment that assesses the intended learning outcomes; particularly when assessing teamwork and an individual's contribution to the team's work. The students themselves are often the best source of meaningful data, and self and(More)
The adult statures of a sample of 71 Canadian boys from the Saskatchewan Longitudinal Growth Study were predicted using the original TW Mark 1 and the new TW Mark 2 prediction equations. The subjects had a mean chronological age of 11.59 years (SD = 0.30), a mean RUS bone age of 11.62 'years' (SD = 1.18), a mean height of 145.0 cm (SD = 6.98) and a mean(More)
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