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The Supreme Court and Opinion Content
Do parties' briefs influence the content of Supreme Court opinions? The author contends that the parties, through the briefs submitted on the merits, have the ability to influence the content ofExpand
The Influence of Amicus Curiae Briefs on U.S. Supreme Court Opinion Content
Scholars have dedicated substantial research efforts to investigating whether interest group amicus curiae briefs influence the behavior of Supreme Court justices. Despite this, there has been littleExpand
The (Dis)Advantage of Certainty: The Importance of Certainty in Language
How can legal decision makers increase the likelihood of a favorable response from other legal and social actors? To answer this, we propose a novel theory based on the certainty expressed inExpand
National Policy Preferences and Judicial Review of State Statutes at the United States Supreme Court
This article explores the determinants of U.S. Supreme Court justices' voting behavior in cases involving constitutional challenges to state statutes, with a particular focus on the degree to whichExpand
The Puzzle of Unanimity: Consensus on the United States Supreme Court
The U.S. Supreme Court typically rules on cases that present complex legal questions. Given the challenging nature of its cases and the popular view that the Court is divided along ideological lines,Expand
Revisiting the Roosevelt Court: The Critical Juncture from Consensus to Dissensus
Scholars have long debated questions about the decline of consensual norms on the Supreme Court. It is widely understood that Chief Justice John Marshall is responsible for transforming theExpand
Lower Court Influence on U.S. Supreme Court Opinion Content
Despite the importance of Supreme Court opinions for the American polity, scholars have dedicated little systematic research to investigating the factors that contribute to the content of theExpand
Avoiding Advice and Consent: Recess Appointments and Presidential Power
This research note attempts to determine under what conditions presidents will use the unilateral tool of recess appointments, specifically to independent agencies. Multivariate analysis revealsExpand
Concurring Opinion Writing on the U.S. Supreme Court