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Biologic meshes are being used with increasing frequency to repair contaminated abdominal wall defects despite high long-term recurrence and infection rates associated with their use. Recent clinical reports describing the success of lightweight, macroporous synthetic meshes in contaminated ventral hernia repairs have led some surgeons to challenge the(More)
BACKGROUND Simulation and team training are accepted as critical patient safety strategies to improve team performance and can help achieve better outcomes. Standardized and realistic drills conducted by skilled physicians and nurses who demonstrate consistent use of principles which enhance communication and teamwork increase the likelihood of improved(More)
BACKGROUND Numerous dressings for split-thickness skin graft donor sites are commercially available with no conclusive evidence-based consensus regarding the optimal dressing choice. This study was conducted to identify which of 5 commonly used materials promotes wound healing most effectively for use on split-thickness donor sites in comparison with our(More)
Pseudoaneurysms of the lingual artery are extremely rare and are commonly iatrogenic in nature or less frequently a result of blunt or penetrating trauma. Traditionally, these vascular abnormalities have been repaired with open or endovascular techniques. Although ultrasound-guided percutaneous thrombin injection has become a standard treatment for(More)
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