Pamela Brett-Maclean

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OBJECTIVE To describe the factors that medical students report influence them to pursue careers in family medicine. DESIGN Qualitative study using focus groups and interviews and the results of surveys conducted at 3 different points in medical education. SETTING Three medical schools in western Canada: the University of British Columbia in Vancouver,(More)
INTRODUCTION Statements of commitment to change are advocated both to promote and to assess continuing education interventions. However, most studies of commitment to change have used self-reported outcomes, and self-reports may significantly overestimate actual performance. As part of an educational randomized controlled trial, this study documented(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore potential solutions to the challenge of gaining more respect for FPs from other specialists. DESIGN An original Web-based qualitative survey, from May 27, 2004, to January 5, 2005, involving 5 rounds. SETTING Province of Alberta. PARTICIPANTS A sample of 28 Alberta FPs of differing experience, locations, and types of practices. (More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to assess the impacts of individualized prescribing feedback and interactive small group education aimed at encouraging evidence-based prescribing in family/general practice. METHODS A two-by-two factorial randomized controlled trial was carried out involving 200 family physicians in British Columbia, Canada. The(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify and describe the important rewards and challenges that affect family physicians in Alberta. DESIGN Web-based qualitative study using the Delphi method. SETTING Province of Alberta. PARTICIPANTS Twenty-eight family physicians practising in Alberta. METHODS The study website presented a description of the project, ethical(More)
PURPOSE To explore medical students' conceptions of "the good doctor" at two points in time separated by 14 years. METHOD The authors conducted qualitative analysis of narrative-based essays. Following a constant comparative method, an emergent relational coding scheme was developed which the authors used to characterize 110 essays submitted to the Arnold(More)
BACKGROUND The arts are powerful, accessible forms of communication that have the potential to impart knowledge by attracting interest and developing meaningful connections. Knowledge translation aims to reduce the 'evidence-practice' gap by developing, implementing and evaluating strategies designed to enhance awareness and promote behavior change(More)
BACKGROUND Medical students struggle with varied stressors and developing adequate coping mechanisms is essential. PURPOSE This study examined medical student perceptions of the well-being impact of a theatre-based course. METHODS Eighteen 1st-year medical students at the University of Alberta participated in 3 focus groups following the conclusion of a(More)