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OBJECTIVES The aim of this report is to describe a measles cluster involving health-care workers (HWCs) that occurred in a teaching hospital in central Italy during winter 2011 and the efforts made to promptly identify all the susceptible contacts in order to stop, as soon as possible, transmission of the infection within the hospital. METHODS An(More)
We analyzed seasonal influenza vaccination coverage among the Italian healthcare workers (HCW) in order to identify socio-demographic and clinical determinants of vaccination. We used data from the survey "Health and health care use in Italy," which comprised interviews of 5,336 HCWs For each respondent, information on socioeconomic, health conditions,(More)
OBJECTIVE To estimate the rate of surgical site infection (SSI) occurring after hospital discharge, to evaluate whether limiting surveillance to inpatients underestimates the true rate of SSI, and to select surgical procedures that should be included in a postdischarge surveillance program. DESIGN Prospective surveillance study. SETTING A surgical ward(More)
Encephalitis generally results in a serious illness requiring hospitalization. The aim of this study was to describe the epidemiology of hospitalization for encephalitis in Italy, taking into account the geographical distribution, aetiology, seasonality and evolution of hospitalization rates over recent years. The mean hospitalization rate was 5·88/100 000.(More)
The aims of this study were to determine adherence to the perioperative antibiotic prophylaxis (PAP) protocol used at a large Italian teaching hospital during a 6-year period, to assess the variables associated with inappropriate administration, and to measure the impact on surgical site infection (SSI) rates. There were 28 621 patients surveyed of which(More)
BACKGROUND Because catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTI) represent the most frequent health care-associated infection (HAI), we implemented an educational intervention on urinary catheter use to reduce the CAUTI rate. METHODS The intervention was focused on correct management of catheterized patients. To assess the participants' knowledge,(More)
UNLABELLED Many studies investigated adverse effects of rotating shift work, deriving from modifications of circadian rhythms and alimentary behaviours. This may cause the disregulation of glycolipidic metabolism and of insulin secretion, and the development of central obesity. We conducted the present study in order to assess the differences in body mass(More)
AIMS To evaluate the nutritional status and the impact of an educational intervention on nutritional behaviour in alcohol-dependent patients. METHODS A pre-and post-intervention questionnaire and a follow-up interview were administered to 58 patients of a residential alcohol treatment service. RESULTS Females were at lower risk of being overweight than(More)