Pamela A. Wright

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1. We examined the effects of the immunosupressant drug FK506 on excitation-contraction coupling in isolated rat ventricular myocytes. [Ca2+]i transients were recorded using the intracellular Ca2+ indicators fluo-3 and indo-1 while action potentials (APs) or membrane currents were recorded using patch-type microelectrodes in the whole cell mode. 2. FK506(More)
Marine elasmobranch fishes retain relatively high levels of urea to balance the osmotic stress of living in seawater. To maintain osmotic balance and reduce the energetic costs of making urea, it is important for these animals to minimize urea excretion to the environment. We have isolated a novel 2.2-kb cDNA from Squalus acanthias (spiny dogfish shark)(More)
A method for measurement of glutamate dehydrogenase (GDH) activity in single renal tubules was employed to determine the distribution and regulation of GDH in tubule segments. Fresh microdissected tubules from collagenase-treated kidneys were permeabilized by hyposmotic shock and freezing. The rate of conversion of alpha-ketoglutarate, NH4+, and NADH to(More)
To determine whether local production of ammonium by medullary renal tubule segments may contribute to medullary ammonium accumulation, we measured activities of phosphate-dependent glutaminase (PDG) in microdissected tubule segments from rat medulla and cortex. PDG activities were very low in medullary loop of Henle segments but surprisingly high in inner(More)
Hepatic metabolism of melatonin has been investigated. Melatonin was converted in vitro by rat liver microsomes to 6-hydroxymelatonin and to a lesser extent to N-acetylserotonin. Induction with phenobarbitone caused a fourfold increase in the formation of the minor product with little effect on 6-hydroxymelatonin production or melatonin turnover. In(More)
The most important cause of infant morbidity and mortality in the Middle East is acute and chronic diarrhea and resulting conditions of dehydration, marasmus, and protein malnutrition. This is particularly the case in summer and autumn months. In recognition of the fact that routine treatment is not wholly satisfactory, a program was developed by the(More)