Pamela A. Valentine

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Dexfenfluramine was approved in the United States for long-term use as an appetite suppressant until it was reported to be associated with valvular heart disease. The valvular changes (myofibroblast proliferation) are histopathologically indistinguishable from those observed in carcinoid disease or after long-term exposure to 5-hydroxytryptamine(More)
The frequency-tuning curve is a static representation of the neuron's sensitivity to stimulus frequency. The temporal aspects of the frequency sensitivity can be captured in the spectro-temporal receptive field (STRF), often presented as the average spectrogram of the stimulus preceding a spike but also as the average frequency-dependent post-stimulus time(More)
The effect of an eicosapentaenoic acid-rich encapsulated preparation of fish oil on the incidence of early restenosis after coronary angioplasty was assessed by a randomized double-blind placebo-controlled study. A total of 108 patients received either 10 capsules of fish oil (1.8 g eicosapentaenoic acid, 1.2 g docosahexaenoic acid) or 10 control capsules(More)
There is a need for acute and chronic stimulation of the brain within the MRI for studies of epilepsy, as well as deep brain stimulation for movement and behavioral disorders. This work describes the production and characteristics of carbon fiber-based electrodes for acute and chronic stimulation in the brain. Increasing MRI field strengths are making it(More)
Coronary angioplasty was performed in 44 consecutive patients with total occlusion that lasted longer than 1 week. The primary success rate was 59%. Angiographic restudy in 25 of the 26 successful patients (96%) revealed restenosis in 17 patients (65%), which was asymptomatic in seven (44%). Significant correlates of restenosis were mean luminal stenosis at(More)
Alberta Innovates – Health Solutions (AIHS) is a Canadian-based, publicly funded, not-for-profit, provincial health research and innovation organization mandated to improve health, the health system, and socioeconomic well-being of Albertans through health research and innovation. Investments in health research are substantial and funders face increasing(More)
Interspecies comparisons may help us understand the mechanisms which underlie brain plasticity. In this study, we examined the electrical kindling phenomenon in the amygdala, piriform and perirhinal regions of the guinea-pig. The changes in afterdischarge (AD) characteristics and behavioural seizures were assessed under different stimulation intervals and(More)
The search for the cellular processes that underlie information storage within neuronal systems lead to the development of two models of post-activation potentiation, long-term potentiation (LTP) and kindling. Both models give rise to a long-lasting increase in synaptic strength and altered unit discharge patterns. The present paper reviews synaptic(More)