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The frequency-tuning curve is a static representation of the neuron's sensitivity to stimulus frequency. The temporal aspects of the frequency sensitivity can be captured in the spectro-temporal receptive field (STRF), often presented as the average spectrogram of the stimulus preceding a spike but also as the average frequency-dependent post-stimulus time(More)
Burst-firing refers to epochs of sharply elevated neural discharge. It has been suggested that correlated firing in different cortical areas in anesthetized animals results from spontaneous burst-firing related to electroencephalogram spindling activity and state of drowsiness. To investigate this, simultaneous recordings of spontaneous firings of neurons(More)
Interspecies comparisons may help us understand the mechanisms which underlie brain plasticity. In this study, we examined the electrical kindling phenomenon in the amygdala, piriform and perirhinal regions of the guinea-pig. The changes in afterdischarge (AD) characteristics and behavioural seizures were assessed under different stimulation intervals and(More)
There is a need for acute and chronic stimulation of the brain within the MRI for studies of epilepsy, as well as deep brain stimulation for movement and behavioral disorders. This work describes the production and characteristics of carbon fiber-based electrodes for acute and chronic stimulation in the brain. Increasing MRI field strengths are making it(More)
The effect of electrical kindling, applied twice daily in primary auditory cortex on the neural response properties and tonotopic organization in the lightly ketamine anesthetized cat is presented. Kindling refers to a highly persistent modification of brain functioning in response to repeated application of initially sub-convulsant electrical stimulation,(More)
Stereotypical behaviors are common in captive animals, particularly captive polar bears. Effects of oral administration of fluoxetine on chronic stereotypical and typical behaviors in a captive polar bear were monitored. Fluoxetine treatment terminated stereotypic pacing behavior, facial tic, and huffing/coughing activity. The expression of typical polar(More)
The search for the cellular processes that underlie information storage within neuronal systems lead to the development of two models of post-activation potentiation, long-term potentiation (LTP) and kindling. Both models give rise to a long-lasting increase in synaptic strength and altered unit discharge patterns. The present paper reviews synaptic(More)
PURPOSE The roles of the deep cerebellar nuclei in epileptogenesis and seizure expression are not well defined. To determine their properties, we examined the effects of lesions to the dentate, fastigial, and interpositus nuclei in adult rats that were electrically kindled in the amygdaloid complex. Changes in afterdischarge duration (ADD) as well as the(More)
A number of comparative differences in the kindling phenomenon have been observed between guinea-pigs and rats. These differences likely reflect different mechanisms underlying brain plasticity. In this study, guinea-pigs were used to examine the kindling transfer phenomenon between peripheral pentylenetetrazol injection and electrical kindling of the(More)
Global investment in biomedical research has grown significantly over the last decades, reaching approximately a quarter of a trillion US dollars in 2010. However, not all of this investment is distributed evenly by gender. It follows, arguably, that scarce research resources may not be optimally invested (by either not supporting the best science or by(More)