Pamela A. Mosier-Boss

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An operating Pd//D2O, Li+, Cl(-)//Pt cell, placed in an external electrostatic field, yielded unexpected results, viz. (i) Morphological changes in the form of discrete sites exhibiting molten-like features, i.e. features that require substantial energy expenditure. (ii) Presence of elements (Al, Mg, Ca, Si, Zn, ...) that could not be extracted from cell(More)
Phages are viruses whose hosts are bacterial cells. They identify their hosts by specific receptor molecules on the outside of the host cell. Once the phages find their specific receptors, they bind to the bacterial cell and inject their nucleic acid inside the cell. The binding between phage and host can be so specific that only certain strains of a single(More)
Since the announcement by Fleischmann and Pons that the excess enthalpy generated in the negatively polarized Pd-D-D(2)O system was attributable to nuclear reactions occurring inside the Pd lattice, there have been reports of other manifestations of nuclear activities in this system. In particular, there have been reports of tritium and helium-4 production;(More)
Recent years have witnessed renewed interest in the hydrogen economy, with emphasis on the metal/hydrogen system and its application to energy conversion efforts. Two industrially important aspects are emphasized, viz. the amount of hydrogen stored and the rate at which it can be transferred (absorbed/desorbed) because they are crucial factors in the design(More)
Almost two decades ago, Fleischmann and Pons reported excess enthalpy generation in the negatively polarized Pd/D-D2O system, which they attributed to nuclear reactions. In the months and years that followed, other manifestations of nuclear activities in this system were observed, viz. tritium and helium production and transmutation of elements. In this(More)
The use of normal Raman spectroscopy and surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) of cationic-coated silver and gold substrates to detect polyatomic anions in aqueous environments is examined. For normal Raman spectroscopy, using near-infrared excitation, linear concentration responses were observed. Detection limits varied from 84 ppm for perchlorate to(More)
A direct push, FO-LIBS sensor probe for real-time, in-situ measurement of metals in soils has been built and its capabilities demonstrated at three sites. The response of the FO-LIBS sensor is affected by the soil matrix conditions of grain size, composition, and water content. For each site, uncontaminated soil was collected and spiked with known(More)
The effect of an external electric field on the physical appearance of the Pd/D electrode in an operating cell is discussed. It is shown that the individual globules of t h e " c a u l i f l o we r – l i k e " s t r u c t u r e u n d e r g o a s h a p e c h a n g e e x h i b i t i n g t wo d i s t i n c t features, viz those that require energy expenditure(More)
Earlier we reported that the pits generated in CR-39 detectors during Pd/D co-deposition experiments are consistent with those observed for pits that are of a nuclear origin. Spacer experiments and track modeling have been done to characterize the properties of the particles that generated the tracks in the CR-39 detectors. The effect of water on the(More)