Pamela A Cole

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BACKGROUND Clinical management of the patient with neuropathic foot is becoming commonplace in orthotic clinics worldwide. The presentations that can result from neuropathic foot are diverse, requiring clinicians to understand the pathomechanics of ulceration, infection, and Charcot joint arthropathy to provide effective interventions. OBJECTIVES The(More)
Vaporising stuff ! Metal–organic frameworks (MOFs) are a class of nanoporous crystalline materials on the brink of breakthrough in many application areas. Vapor deposition of MOF thin films will facilitate their implementation in microand nanofabrication research and industries. The recent progress in vapor processing of MOFs, the underpinning chemistry and(More)
A therapeutic interchange program based on microbial patterns within an institution is described. A change in anaerobic susceptibility patterns, increased prevalence of enterococcal infections, and cost factors provided the rationale for the therapeutic interchange of ampicillin-sulbactam for cefoxitin. Ampicillin-sulbactam was recommended for prophylaxis(More)
The anion-binding properties of two similar hybrid amide/urea macrocycles containing either a 2,6-dicarboxamidophenyl or a 2,6-dicarboxamidopyridine group are compared. Significant differences in anion affinity and mode of interaction with anions are attributed to the presence of intramolecular hydrogen bonds in the pyridine system. In fact, remarkably, the(More)
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