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BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE In COPD, hospital admissions and readmissions account for the majority of health-care costs. The aim of this prospective randomized controlled study was to determine if early pulmonary rehabilitation, commenced as an inpatient and continued after discharge, reduced acute health-care utilization. METHODS Consecutive COPD patients(More)
Resting pulmonary function and exercise variables are widely used to stage and monitor idiopathic interstitial pneumonia (IIP). However, the variability of exercise data (maximal exercise and the 6-minute walk test) has not been evaluated definitively. We have prospectively quantified the reproducibility of resting and exercise functional data in fibrotic(More)
We systematically reviewed randomized controlled trials of interventions to improve the health of people during imprisonment or in the year after release. We searched 14 biomedical and social science databases in 2014, and identified 95 studies. Most studies involved only men or a majority of men (70/83 studies in which gender was specified); only 16(More)
Paid for with state funds. Available in alternative form by request. i Foreword Through budget language, the General Assembly directed the Office of Education Accountability to study the allocation of primary and secondary education funding in Kentucky and to conduct an inventory of indicators that could be used to evaluate school districts' efficient and(More)
Paid for with state funds. Available in alternative format by request. i Foreword For more than a decade, Kentucky students have had opportunities to earn Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarships based on their high school grades and test scores. This study of the program was part of the Office of Education Accountability's annual research agenda, which(More)
OBJECTIVES It is sometimes impossible to obtain an adequate laryngeal view during rigid endoscopic laryngoscopy. This may be due to a high tongue base. Our study seeks to determine a correlation between tongue base level and the adequacy of laryngeal view obtained with a 70-degree rigid endoscope. STUDY DESIGN AND SETTING Over a period of 4 months,(More)
Background Most healthcare professional training programs lack sufficient curricula on substance use[1-3], and even fewer provide students the opportunity to practice screening and brief intervention (BI) in a clinical setting. The University of Missouri-Kansas City Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment (UMKC-SBIRT) training project(More)
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