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Bacteriophages encode auxiliary metabolic genes that support more efficient phage replication. For example, cyanophages carry several genes to maintain host photosynthesis throughout infection, shuttling the energy and reducing power generated away from carbon fixation and into anabolic pathways. Photodamage to the D1/D2 proteins at the core of photosystem(More)
It is generally assumed that the machinery that transcribes genes is composed entirely of polypeptides. However, in vitro transcription by silkworm RNA polymerase III requires a transcription factor that is not a polypeptide. This component, TFIIIR, is distinct from the previously identified transcription components: RNA polymerase III, and the accessory(More)
The methylmalonyl Co-A mutase-associated GTPase MeaB from Methylobacterium extorquens is involved in glyoxylate regulation and required for growth. In humans, mutations in the homolog methylmalonic aciduria associated protein (MMAA) cause methylmalonic aciduria, which is often fatal. The central role of MeaB from bacteria to humans suggests that MeaB is(More)
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