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Sponges are among the earliest diverging lineage within the metazoan phyla. Although their adult morphology is distinctive, at several stages of development, they possess characteristics found in more complex animals. The T-box family of transcription factors is an evolutionarily ancient gene family known to be involved in the development of structures(More)
A retrospective chart review of consultations performed by a clinical pharmacist practicing in an adult psychiatric hospital was conducted. Data during the first 12 months of the service were collected from consultation reports, progress notes, physician's orders, laboratory data, and discharge summaries. Twenty-nine consultations were performed, resulting(More)
Malignant pleural effusion (MPE) causes significant morbidity in cancer patients. Management is often challenging because of the recurrent nature of MPE and the inconsistent response rates of various treatments. In patients whose underlying malignancy is unresponsive to systemic chemotherapy or radiation, MPE is usually managed by tube thoracostomy with(More)
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