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The phenotypic variation found in domesticated plants and animals is striking, so much so that Darwin used it to illustrate the power of selection to effect change. Recent developments in genomics technologies are leading to dramatic progress in elucidating the genetic changes that occur during domestication. The Genetics Society Autumn Meeting on the(More)
The authors assessed the limits of reliable history-taking in depressed elderly patients (N = 20) with some cognitive impairment. Each subject and an informant was interviewed with structured instruments by two trained raters. An expert panel formed consensus judgments after reviewing information reported by the patients, the informants, and each of the(More)
OBJECTIVE This case series describes the various contributors of disruptive behavior in demented nursing home residents and outlines the necessary steps to identify and treat them. DESIGN Evaluation of overall clinical improvement and agitation at discharge from the hospital and at follow-up. SETTING Nursing home residents consecutively admitted to the(More)
With companion animals, there is a large diversity in breeding practices, which may impact genetic variability and health of selected breeds. Based on a survey, we illustrate the specificities of scent hound dog breeders regarding either their breeding goals or their mating practices. Mating between close relatives are also investigated in different cat(More)
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