Pam Schumacker

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Twenty patients with chronic suprasacral spinal cord injury presenting with detrusor hyperreflexia were examined. In a preliminary study in ten patients we investigated the reproducibility of bladder capacity through the repetition of three cystometries. The effect of electrical stimulation (ES) on detrusor hyperreflexia was then investigated in ten(More)
The relationship between somatic and autonomic neuropathy was assessed in the feet of 30 diabetic patients. Somatic small fiber function was evaluated by the thermal threshold test for cold (A delta fibers) and warmth (C fibers). Telethermography and transcutaneous oxygen tension were used to investigate the autonomic control of peripheral circulation.(More)
The rapid increase in sheep lung vascular permeability observed during Pseudomonas aeruginosa bacteremia may be due to embolization of the pulmonary microvasculature by bloodborne particulates. Since alterations in lung microvascular permeability during mild septicemia in sheep may reflect inefficient RES phagocytic clearance of bacteria as well as products(More)
254 Background: Case management offers the opportunity to improve quality of cancer care but the financial impact is largely unknown. Optum's Cancer Support Program (CSP) provides patients and their caregivers with telephonic case management services which are focused on reducing emergency department visits and hospitalizations, and helping patients comply(More)
The influence of reticuloendothelial (RE) blockade on the pulmonary hemodynamic and gas exchange response to thrombin induced low-grade intravascular coagulation was studied in dogs during fibrinolytic inhibition. Neither saline infusion nor experimentally induced RE blockade significantly increased pulmonary vascular resistance, physiologic dead space, or(More)
80 Background: Feedback provided by customers/consumers has become an established means of assessing the quality of goods and services. The Optum division of UnitedHealth Group maintains two telephonic case management programs for cancer patients to support quality and cost effective care: Cancer Resource Services (CRS) and the Cancer Support Program (CSP).(More)
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