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The high rate of unsuccessful IT projects has been examined by many researchers world-wide in order to identify IT project critical success factors (CSFs). Using a framework from previous literature, this research examines four organizational factors (Top management support, project team competencies, communication management, and project management) that(More)
Usability testing is a technique for measuring a system's usability. It consists of a number of variables such as tasks, number of users, evaluators, and other elements. This paper explores the proposal that task design can seriously influence the usability testing results. It describes how two different types of task affect results. The types explored are(More)
Information and communication technologies (ICT) hold the promise of accelerating growth and improving the quality of life of many people around the world, particularly in the developing countries. Since the Internet became available for commercial use in the early 1990s, virtually all countries of the world, even the least developed, have had some form of(More)