Pam Henderson

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CR-39 plastic was attached to household glass objects to learn whether residual radioactivity from radon decay products could be measured and correlated with cumulative radon exposures over defined time periods. Such an approach could be used to increase the completeness of exposure data collected in epidemiologic studies of residential radon. Inability to(More)
Pre-clinical studies suggest that the neurokinin-1 (NK1) receptor may modulate the response to opioids, with NK(1) inactivation leading to decreased opioid reinforcement, tolerance and withdrawal. Aprepitant is a selective NK1 antagonist currently marketed for clinical use as an anti-emetic. This 6-week in-patient study used a randomized, double-blind,(More)
High doses of radiation induce septicaemia, from bacterial translocation, and death in animals. Mice were exposed to either comparable lethal (LD90/30) or sublethal (LD0/30) doses of mixed-field [n/(n + y) = 0.67] or pure 60Co gamma-photon radiation. The relative biological effectiveness of these comparable doses of radiation was 1.82, determined by probit(More)
A modified cluster survey was conducted in northwestern Uganda in 1984 to provide descriptive epidemiological data on dracunculiasis in a water programme target area. A total of 2014 people participated from 58 randomly selected clusters. Interviewers elicited information on age and sex of household members, number, date of emergence and location of Guinea(More)
Interviews were conducted in the 75 households nearest to each of the 36 rural health facilities in Uganda's Mbale District in order to estimate childhood morbidity/mortality and the utilization of health services. Data were obtained on 2596 children under 5 years of age. There were 50 deaths in the 527 live births in the 12 months preceding the survey,(More)
Drought and the cattle raiding associated with a breakdown of civil order caused a famine in Karamoja, Uganda, during 1980. In November-December, 1980, a study of mortality, nutritional status, and dietary conditions was undertaken in south Karamoja. Of 309 randomly selected children less than or equal to 110 cm in height 4.8% had acute malnutrition (less(More)
The civil chaos created by a combination of drought and hostilities in the Ogaden region of southern Ethiopia during the past five years has caused the majority of the indigenous, principally nomadic population to flee the area and seek refuge either in Somali refugee camps or in Ethiopian shelters for displaced persons. This paper compares the provision of(More)
Spaceflight personnel need treatment options that would enhance survival from radiation and would not disrupt task performance. Doses of prophylactic or therapeutic agents known to induce significant short-term (30-day) survival with minimal behavioral (locomotor) changes were used for 180-day survival studies. In protection studies, groups of mice were(More)
The pharmacist's role in promoting rational, cost-effective use of drugs has been described in the literature. In a target drug monitoring program (TDMP), a single agent or group of agents becomes targeted for review. Antibiotics have been the primary focus of TDMP because of their therapeutic impact and cost considerations. The objectives of this project(More)
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