Pam Catton

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PURPOSE To describe and assess an interdisciplinary research training program for graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and clinical fellows focused on radiation medicine; funded by the Canadian Institutes for Health Research since 2003, the program entitled "Excellence in Radiation Research for the 21st Century" (EIRR21) aims to train the next(More)
Patients with cancer continue to lack practical information regarding their illness and report low levels of awareness and use of patient services. The challenge to educators is to find cost-effective and timely ways to deliver a complex mix of interesting and high-quality information and expertise to this large and diverse audience, while still tailoring(More)
The potential use of distraction osteogenesis in mandibular reconstruction has been limited by its questionable efficacy in previously radiated bone. We studied five mongrel dogs that had a hemimandible rendered edentulous and underwent a full course of external beam radiation therapy (50 Gy/20 fractions). Six months after completion of radiotherapy, a 2-cm(More)
BACKGROUND Providing quality, current cancer information to cancer patients and their families is a key function of the National Cancer Institute (NCI) Web site. This information is now provided in predominantly-text format, but could be provided in formats using multimedia, including animation and sound. Since users have many choices about where to get(More)
BACKGROUND Medical education is not exempt from increasing societal expectations of accountability. Competition for financial resources requires medical educators to demonstrate cost-effective educational practice; health care practitioners, the products of medical education programmes, must meet increasing standards of professionalism; the culture of(More)
Cyclical mastopathy (CM) is a common clinical syndrome of premenstrual breast swelling and tenderness. Its symptoms are relieved by reduction in dietary fat intake and, because fat intake may be associated with breast cancer risk, it was hypothesized that CM may also be related to breast cancer risk. This case-control study included 192 premenopausal women(More)
Between 2000 and 2011, over 170 second-year medical students participated in a Determinants of Community Health (DOCH 2) project at Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH). Students undertook community-based research projects at the hospital or with PMH community partners involving activities such as producing a literature review, writing a research proposal,(More)
BACKGROUND Distance education (DE) courses are offered to medical radiation technologists (therapy) [MRT(T)] in Canada for professional development (PD). METHODS A survey of 300 therapists was conducted to identify potential participants and factors that can influence DE participation and learning. RESULTS The motivation to take PD is intrinsic, for(More)
With improved average longevity, the issue of polypathology in the cancer population is of growing importance, because it will increasingly affect more people. The present study piloted two self-report surveys aiming to provide preliminary data on the nature of polypathology and supportive care needs (met and unmet) of cancer survivors. Survivors were(More)