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We describe two integrated languages and associated tools for capturing and analyzing two di erent views of the architecture of an embedded system. One language is tailored to address guidance, navigation and control issues, while the other is tailored to address real-time, faulttolerance, secure partitioning and multi-processor system issues. Both(More)
We present a versatile statistical verification methodology and we illustrate different uses of this methodology on two examples of nonlinear real-time UAV controllers. The first example applies our statistical methodology to the verification of a computation time property for a software implementation of a high-performance controller as a function of(More)
A real time implementation for allocating slack to aperiodic processes in MetaH is nearing comple tion The slack scheduling algorithm used is based on the slack stealer originally proposed in with practi cal extensions to allow for support of process criticali ties multiple process streams of di erent criticalities competing for pooled slack and inclusion(More)