Paloma Ramírez

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AIM To compare two modalities of speech intervention (SI) in cleft palate children with compensatory articulation disorder (CAD). The first modality was a phonologic based intervention, the second modality was a naturalistic intervention. The main purpose was to study whether a naturalistic intervention may reduce the total time of speech therapy necessary(More)
Laugier-Hunziker syndrome (LHS) is an acquired, benign, macular hyperpigmentation of the lips and oral mucosa, often associated with pigmentation of the nails. Volar acral maculae on the palms and fingertips of patients affected by LHS are a typical feature of this rare entity. Dermoscopic examination of these maculae has been described in a previous(More)
We report a 10-year-old boy presenting with palmoplantar pustular psoriasis, resistant to topical and systemic treatments, who was successfully treated with subcutaneous etanercept (0.4 mg/kg) twice a week for 1 month. Maintenance therapy was extended for 18 months in combination with near ultraviolet light therapy without any adverse effect. Etanercept may(More)
We report an exceptional case of umbilical basal cell carcinoma (BCC) in a 21-year-old man, whose correct diagnosis was suggested by dermoscopy during initial complete body mole mapping. Although BCC is a common skin tumor, only 7 cases of BCC arising within the umbilicus have been reported previously. To the best of our knowledge, our patient is unique(More)
Congenital syphilis (CS) is a preventable disease. Nevertheless, since the year 2000, there has been an upward trend in incidence in Spain, similar to what has occurred in other European countries. We present a case of early congenital syphilis showing the classical features of the disease, in which skin lesions gave the clue that led to the diagnosis.
We present a female patient who developed mucosal and skin hyperpigmentation due to metastatic malignant melanoma. Diffuse cutaneous melanosis is a rare entity that complicates a small percentage of metastatic melanomas, confering a fatal prognosis. We discuss briefly the current evidence on pathogenesis of melanosis arising from metastatic melanoma.
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