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A drug-drug interaction (DDI) occurs when one drug influences the level or activity of another drug. Information Extraction (IE) techniques can provide health care professionals with an interesting way to reduce time spent reviewing the literature for potential drug-drug interactions. Nevertheless, no approach has been proposed to the problem of extracting(More)
The DDIExtraction 2013 task concerns the recognition of drugs and extraction of drug-drug interactions that appear in biomedical literature. We propose two subtasks for the DDIExtraction 2013 Shared Task challenge: 1) the recognition and classification of drug names and 2) the extraction and classification of their interactions. Both subtasks have been very(More)
To the best of our knowledge, this is the first work that does drug and adverse event detection from Spanish posts collected from a health social media. First, we created a gold-standard corpus annotated with drugs and adverse events from social media. Then, Textalytics, a multilingual text analysis engine, was applied to identify drugs and possible adverse(More)
BACKGROUND Drug-drug interactions are frequently reported in the increasing amount of biomedical literature. Information Extraction (IE) techniques have been devised as a useful instrument to manage this knowledge. Nevertheless, IE at the sentence level has a limited effect because of the frequent references to previous entities in the discourse, a(More)
This article presents a system for drug name recognition and classification in biomedical texts. The system combines information obtained by the Unified Medical Language System (UMLS) MetaMap Transfer (MMTx) program and nomenclature rules recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) International Nonproprietary Names (INNs) Program to identify and(More)
BACKGROUND A drug-drug interaction (DDI) occurs when one drug influences the level or activity of another drug. The increasing volume of the scientific literature overwhelms health care professionals trying to be kept up-to-date with all published studies on DDI. METHODS This paper describes a hybrid linguistic approach to DDI extraction that combines(More)
One of the most important issues in Adaptive and Intelligent Educational Systems (AIES) is to define effective pedagogical policies for tutoring students according to their needs. This paper proposes to use Reinforcement Learning (RL) in the pedagogical module of an educational system so that the system learns automatically which is the best peda-gogical(More)
II III Welcome We are pleased to welcome to the DDIExtraction 2011 workshop (First Challenge Task on Drug-Drug Interaction Extraction) being held in Huelva, Spain on September 7 and co-located with the 27th Conference of the Spanish Society for Natural Language Processing, SEPLN 2011. On behalf of the organizing committee, we would like to thank you for(More)