Paloma Marinho Lopes

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The changes in species composition between habitat patches (beta diversity) are likely related to a number of factors, including environmental heterogeneity, connectivity, disturbance and productivity. Here, we used data from aquatic environments in five Brazilian regions over two years and two seasons (rainy and dry seasons or high and low water level(More)
In vitro receptor autoradiography was used to localize, quantify and characterize [125I-Tyr8]bradykinin binding sites in all major spinal cord segments of normal rats and animals subjected to various chemical treatments and surgical lesions. [125I-Tyr8]bradykinin specific binding sites were predominantly located to superficial laminae of the rat dorsal(More)
After much debate, there is an emerging consensus that the composition of many ecological communities is determined both by species traits, as proposed by niche theory, as well as by chance events. A critical question for ecology is, therefore, which attributes of species predict the dominance of deterministic or stochastic processes. We outline two(More)
A putative role for bradykinin has been proposed in the processing of sensory information at the level of the spinal cord. Autoradiographic studies have demonstrated the presence of B2 kinin receptor binding sites in superficial laminae of the dorsal horn and a down-regulation of those receptors in rat models of pain injury. In this study, classical(More)
The present study aimed to localize and characterize [125I-Tyr8]-BK binding sites in all major segments of the guinea pig spinal cord using in vitro quantitative receptor autoradiography. [125I-Tyr8]-BK specific binding sites were localized predominantly in superficial layers of the dorsal horn, with lamina II depicting the highest labelling. The density of(More)
In the conscious, unrestrained rat, intrathecal (i.t.) injection of 0.81 pmol-81 nmol bradykinin (BK), kallidin (KD) and T-kinin at the T-9 spinal cord level produced transient (less than 10 min) increases in mean arterial pressure (MAP) and longer lasting decreases in heart rate (HR). These effects were dose-dependent and similar with respect to intensity(More)
Floods are major determinants of ecological patterns and processes in river-floodplain systems. Although some general predictions of the effects of water level changes on ecological attributes have been identified, specific tests using the flood pulse concept are scarce, mainly in tropical areas, where large river-floodplain systems abound. We tested the(More)
Little effort has been devoted to characterizing the resting egg banks in tropical lakes. In this study, we evaluated the structure of egg banks across 26 Brazilian lakes located in four geographical regions. We also evaluated cross-taxon concordance in species richness and community similarity between dormant rotifers and dormant cladocerans, and searched(More)
Physical exercise, including games and other modalities are essential for children and adolescents. These activities allow numerous and unquestioned benefits, maximizing physical, psychological and social development. Tools that assess the response of the body to exercise activities have been sought in numerous clinical situations [1]. Chronic obstructive(More)
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