Paloma Echevarría Pérez

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CONTEXT Community availability of alcohol affects alcohol consumption patterns and alcohol-related health and social problems. In Barrow, Alaska, an isolated community at the northernmost reaches of the United States, during a 33-month period, possession and importation of alcohol were legal, completely banned, made legal again, and then banned again. (More)
PURPOSE This study was conducted to examine the impact of a change in local alcohol laws on alcohol-related hospital usage. Heavy alcohol consumption and its complications are major health problems in the Arctic. For many years, the sale of alcohol in Barrow was illegal, i.e., "damp" status. In October 1994, the residents of Barrow voted to make both the(More)
Working necessarily with Likert scales to measure Nursing Outcomes Classification (NOC) outcomes has the advantage of unification, but also presents difficulty in reducing the rating from 1 to 5, especially when the research is qualitative and thus includes the use of words and expressions, as well as observations and perceptions. What exactly does a score(More)
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