Paloma Conde

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I. Ariño, b J. Bastos, c D. Broemmelsiek, d J. Carvalho, c M. Chmeissani, b P. Conde, b J. Davila, g D. Dujmić, a R. Eckmann, a L. Garrido, b D. Gascon, b T. Hamacher, a,1 A. Gorǐsek, i I. Ivaniouchenkov, c M. Ispirian, g S. Karabekian, e,2 M. Kim, a S. Korpar, k,i P. Križan, j,i S. Kupper, i,3 K. Lau, g P. Maas, d J. McGill, a,4 R. Miquel, b,5 N. Murthy, g(More)
Using data collected by the HERA-B experiment, we have measured the fraction of J/ψ’s produced via radiative χc decays in interactions of 920 GeV protons with carbon and titanium targets. We obtained Rχc = 0.32 ± 0.06stat ± 0.04sys for the E-mail address: (A. Zoccoli). 1 Deceased. 2 Visitor from Dipartimento di Energetica dell’ Università(More)
There is a need to partner between researchers, practitioners and residents to increase our understanding of environmental influences on dietary behaviors. We used the participatory method of Photovoice to understand key determinants of the local food environment influencing residents' diets. This project was conducted in Villaverde, a low-income area(More)
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The Institute of Paper Science and Technology is an independent graduate school, research organization, and information center for science and technology mainly concerned with manufacture and uses of pulp, paper, paperboard, and other forest products and byproducts. Established in 1929 as The Institute of Paper Chemistry, the Institute provides research and(More)
A measurement of the polarization of Λ and Λ̄ baryons produced in pC and pW collisions at √ s = 41.6 GeV has been performed with the HERA-B spectrometer. The measurements cover the kinematic range of 0.6 GeV/c < p⊥ < 1.2 GeV/c in transverse momentum and −0.15 < xF < 0.01 in Feynman-x. The polarization results from the two different targets agree within the(More)
The cross section ratio RJ/ψ = Br(Υ → l+l−) · dσ(Υ )/dy|y=0/σ(J/ψ) has been measured with the HERA-B spectrometer in fixed-target proton–nucleus collisions at 920 GeV proton beam energy corresponding to a proton–nucleon c.m.s. energy of √ s = 41.6 GeV. The combined results for the decay channels Υ → e+e− and Υ → μ+μ− yield a ratio RJ/ψ = (9.0 ± 2.1)× 10−6.(More)
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