Palle Villemoes

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Plasma levels of penfluridol and thiothixene were studied after 4 weeks treatment in a double-blind controlled trial of 47 patients suffering from chronic schizophrenic syndromes. There was found a tenfold variation in plasma levels for penfluridol, and about a twentyfold variation for thiothixene. For penfluridol, a significant correlation between dosage(More)
In the course of a multicenter controlled trial of the effects of neuroleptic drugs on patients with schizophrenic or paranoid syndromes a comparison was made between the Swedish symptom rating scale--Mårtens' S-scale especially designed for patients with schizophrenic syndromes--and a new rating scale--the Comprehensive Psychopathological Rating(More)
Psychoanalysis regards psychosis as an early disturbance in the development of the personality, specifically, of the ego. The disturbance occurs during that period prior to the castration complex and thus before the phase when the ordering of relations becomes oedipal. Responsible for this disturbance is, according to Freud, foreclosure (verwerfung) of an(More)
In a controlled trial of penfluridol and thiothixene as maintenance drugs in patients with chronic schizophrenic syndromes, some improvement over previous neuroleptics was seen with both drugs. This improvement was mainly evident in variables concerned with participation in social activities as assessed with the S-scale and by ward behaviour. The drug(More)
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