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In this paper, a program is presented that applies interactive evolution to sound generation, i.e., preferred individuals are repeatedly selected from a population of genetically bred sound objects, created with various synthesis and pattern generation algorithms. This simplifies aural exploration of huge synthesis parameter spaces, and presents a(More)
a research project tasked with (a) developing a software tool that would allow composers to work with self-directing " computational entities " and then (b) using the software tool to create a new musical work. The project title was " Computer-Aided Multi-Agent Music Composition. " The award holder was Peter J. McBurney. This project was a collaboration(More)
This paper describes a system developed to create computer based jazz improvisation solos. The generation of the improvisation material uses interactive evolution, based on a dual genetic representation: a basic melody line representation, with energy constraints (" rubber band ") and a hierarchic structure of operators that processes the various parts of(More)
Realtime musical expression through synthesis is notoriously dicult. The complete potential of a sound engine is traditionally available only at design time. In this paper two mapping strategies are presented , adressing this problem. Based on dynamic and random many-to-many mappings between control space and synthesis space, they erase the line between(More)
The Bucket System is a new system for computer-mediated ensemble improvisation, designed by improvisers for impro-visers. Coming from a tradition of structured free ensemble improvisation practices (comprovisation), influenced by post-WW2 experimental music practices, it is a signaling system implemented with a set of McMillen QuNeo controllers as input and(More)
I present a novel low-tech multidimensional gestural controller , based on the resistive properties of a 2D field of pencil markings on paper. A set of movable electrodes (+,-, ground) made from soldered stacks of coins create a dynamic voltage potential field in the carbon layer, and another set of movable electrodes tap voltages from this field. These(More)