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Discharges of several motor units (MU) were simultaneously recorded during slight isometric contractions of the first dorsal interosseus muscle using bipolar needle electrodes. Correlograms constructed by counting the relative discharge intervals (1-ms binwidth) between two MU frequently showed narrow central peaks reflecting the occurrence of more(More)
A three-dimensional map was created by a computer-assisted analysis of functional and somatotopic organization of the target area in the human ventrolateral thalamus. Stimulation in the target area mostly elicited increased tone in skeletal muscles, with a concomitant decrease or stop of tremor. Despite averaging of all responses, no clear somatotopic(More)
Within the target area used for the stereotactic treatment of pathological tremor, recording of somatosensory evoked potentials and single units and also electrical stimulation were performed. The data were correlated with anatomical sites as demonstrated in the stereotactic atlas of Schaltenbrand and Wahren by using a computer system. The affected(More)
An application of computer graphics technology to functional stereotactic neurosurgery is presented. Neuroanatomical images derived from a stereotactic atlas and information retrieved from a neurophysiological data base are drawn on a graphic monitor. The pictures are oriented and scaled according to appropriate landmarks. The aim of this work is to add(More)
Within the target area (VL) used for the stereotactic treatment of parkinsonian tremor and spasmodic torticollis, electrical stimulation as well as recording of somatosensory evoked potential (SEP) was performed. The effects of stimulation in the target area are facilitation of muscle tone showing some degree of somatotopic distribution. The recorded SEPs(More)
Nutritional supplements administered through flexible small caliber feeding tubes are an increasingly popular substitute for parenteral hyperalimentation. Small and large caliber nasogastric tubes can inadvertently pass into the tracheobronchial tree, even in the presence of an endotracheal tube with an inflated cuff. We report three patients who had small(More)