Pallavi T. Sawant

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The increasing burden on conventional energy sources and the environmental problems are motivating the world towards the use of solar energy as it offers various advantages such as lack of emission of green house gases, everlasting sun energy and low maintenance cost. The performance of solar system is influenced by partial shaded conditions (PSC). This(More)
A photo-voltaic (PV) system is becoming popular technology as it offers advantages such as abundant energy source, environmental friendliness and cheap cost of maintenance. The operation of PV system heavily depends on solar insolations and temperature. Under the situation of partial shading, the characteristic of solar system become more complex and(More)
Over the last decade or so, a lot of interest has emerged in the field of functional data analysis. This interest spans from a broad spectrum of fields such as brain imaging studies, bio-metrics, genetics, e-commerce and computer science. Statistical tools, models and methods, whose strength is in recognizing this structural aspect of data are being(More)
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