Pallavi M. Chaudhari

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Bioactivity is an important aspect that can be appropriately used to tune the cellular interactions occurring at the biomaterial-physiological interface. In this regard, we explore here the nano- or quantum-size effects of a highly dispersible nanostructured carbon present in the void space between the polymers chains (Nylon 6,6) in modulating the cellular(More)
Bulk data is generated in the era ofInformation Technology. If it is not stored in aproperly systematic manner then the generated datacannot be reused. This is because navigation becomes if not impossible, certainly very difficult. The data generated is to analyze so as to maximizethe benefits, for intelligent decision making. Textcategorization is an(More)
Nylon 6,6 is used for biological applications including gastrointestinal segments, tracheal tubes and sutures, vascular graft, and for hard tissue reconstruction. While it is a relatively inexpensive polymer, it is not widely acceptable as a preferred biomaterial because of bioactivity. To this end, we have discovered the exciting evidence that introduction(More)
The proposed methodology is based on efficient clustering technique for facilitating the decision-maker in the analysis of the solutions of multi-objective problems .Choosing a solution for system implementation from the Pareto-optimal set can be a difficult task, generally because Pareto-optimal sets can be extremely large or even contain an infinite(More)
Solution layering technique was used to prepare pellets of Salbutamol Sulphate. A multiparticulate system was prepared with pH independent and pH dependent coatings, and evaluated as pulsatile drug delivery system. Salbutamol sulphate release was studied from methacrylate coated pellets from non pareils. Morphology was studied using Scanning Electron(More)
Evolutionary clustering technique is proposed that opts for cluster centers straight way from the data set, further making it to speed up the fitness evaluation by estimating a data table in advance. It saves the distances among pairs of data points, and by using binary instead of string representation to encode a variable number of cluster centers. The(More)
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