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  • P Lal
  • 1988
In the male redheaded bunting, Emberiza bruniceps, kept under natural lighting in northern India (Lat 25 degrees 18'N, Long 83 degrees 01'E), testicular growth began during March/April and full spermatogenesis was achieved in May/June; thereafter, the testes regressed and remained regressed for the rest of the year. Thyroidectomy between November and April(More)
The utilization of computer-aided technologies in tissue engineering has evolved in the development of a new field of computer-aided tissue engineering (CATE). This article reviews recent development and application of enabling computer technology, imaging technology, computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing (CAD and CAM), and rapid(More)
A computer modeling approach for constructing a three-dimensional microsphere-packed bone graft structure is presented. The modeling approach consists of both geometric and CAD-based computer modeling. The geometric model uses two extreme microsphere packing models (minimum-density packing and maximum-density packing) and a statistical packing model to(More)
In the thyroidectomized, adult male redheaded bunting exposed to a L/D cycle of 15/09, there were no significant changes in body weight, gonad size, respiratory rates of whole body, liver, muscle, red blood cell number, hemoglobin concentration, or hematocrit, unlike in intact birds. Further, while testosterone appeared as effective as L-T4 in determining(More)
We present a qualitative study of Projecting Health, a public health project we deployed in rural Uttar Pradesh (India) to address persistently high maternal and infant mortality rates. This project is based on our model of Community-led Video Education (CVE), which leverages community resources for the generation, dissemination, and assimilation of visual(More)
Effect of thyroidectomy and replacement therapy with L-T4, on liver and plasma biochemical constituents of E. bruniceps, was studied during January (recovery phase). Thyroidectomy elevated significantly the levels of plasma glucose, protein, cholesterol, diglyceride, hepatic cholesterol and depressed significantly hepatic free fatty acid without affecting(More)
When exposed to constant long photoperiods the redheaded bunting, Emberiza bruniceps, was shown to become absolutely photorefractory and the condition was observed to be accelerated by thyroidectomy. Photoinduced gonadal growth was inhibited partially and the photoinduced increase in body weight was inhibited completely by thyroidectomy. Injection of(More)