Pallavi Lal

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The utilization of computer-aided technologies in tissue engineering has evolved in the development of a new field of computer-aided tissue engineering (CATE). This article reviews recent development and application of enabling computer technology, imaging technology, computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing (CAD and CAM), and rapid(More)
A computer modeling approach for constructing a three-dimensional microsphere-packed bone graft structure is presented. The modeling approach consists of both geometric and CAD-based computer modeling. The geometric model uses two extreme microsphere packing models (minimum-density packing and maximum-density packing) and a statistical packing model to(More)
We present a qualitative study of Projecting Health, a public health project we deployed in rural Uttar Pradesh (India) to address persistently high maternal and infant mortality rates. This project is based on our model of Community-led Video Education (CVE), which leverages community resources for the generation, dissemination, and assimilation of visual(More)
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