Pallavi Dhagat

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A multifunctional tumor-targeting delivery system was developed and evaluated for an efficient treatment of drug-resistant ovarian cancer by combinatorial therapeutic modality based on chemotherapy and mild hyperthermia. The engineered iron oxide nanoparticle (IONPs)-based nanocarrier served as an efficient delivery vehicle for doxorubicin and provided the(More)
The early successes of adenoviral vector-mediated gene therapies in the lung have been hampered by the immune response directed against viral proteins and transgene product. Intratracheal administration of adenovirus vector in immune-competent mice transduces bronchioepithelial cells of lung extremely efficiently; however, transgene expression is eliminated(More)
A behavioral model for a magnetoresistive spin valve device implemented in Verilog-A is presented. The model realizes the complete static, single-domain magnetic hysteresis response as well as a damped transient response based on Landau-Lifshitz-Gilbert dynamics. The model will facilitate the design and analysis of complex spintronic or hybrid(More)
Low-loss magnetization dynamics and strong magnetoelastic coupling are generally mutually exclusive properties due to opposing dependencies on spin-orbit interactions. So far, the lack of low-damping, magnetostrictive ferrite films has hindered the development of power-efficient magnetoelectric and acoustic spintronic devices. Here, magnetically soft(More)
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